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Best Relationships, Strongest Friendships.

They are going to call you up on the phone just to ask how you’re doing.

The people who see you texted them and answer immediately.

They are the ones who clear whatever schedule they have if you need them.

Always making you their priority.

The ones who don’t mind paying sometimes because they know you have the next one. And neither of you are keeping score. The ones who are meeting you halfway with everything.

They are your loudest laugh.
Your funniest moments.
Sometimes your best and most embarrassing story.

The rock you need when things are shaky in your life.
They are the support when you’re doubtful.
The encouraging words when you’re being hard on yourself.

They are the ones whose families will feel like your own.

When I love you gets said so carelessly and easily.
And you don’t wonder if they feel the same way.

They are the one standing beside you on every birthday.
And when you think of what to wish for, you look around and just say thank you.

They are the ears that will never get tired of hearing the little things. Like how your day is or what you had for lunch??

They share your excitement and your accomplishments. Making the choice to be there because they want to be.

They are the ones who always lift you up and make you better.
Without trying to change you.

They are the support when you need it.
The company when you want to be alone.
The person you can talk to when it’s late at night.

They are the ones who truly have your best interest at heart.

Even though you see your flaws, they see everything good about you.
Even though you judge yourself for mistakes, they forgive you.

They are the fights that get met with compromise.
Because they care even when they are angry or upset.
It’s never about something ending.
Or overcome with fear.
Because you are confident in them.

It’s the little moments that make you realize how lucky you are. And you look over at them and realize they are one of the best things in your life, and you really don’t know someone better.

Every conversation where it seems like they understand you better than anyone. Because they do. So much of who you are is influenced by them.

It’s the relationship that’s just so simple and easy.
The ones that teach you that’s how the right relationships were supposed to be this whole time.

And when you find that relationship, you are going to look at your friends and realize they were the ones who set this standard of what you should expect in a person. Never allowing you to settle.


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Before You Go Back To Him…

Before you go running back to him…
Remember if he cared he wouldn’t have let you go in the first place.
If he cared he would have valued you more and appreciated you.

If he was worth it, you wouldn’t be sitting here conflicted and overcome with guilt.

If he cared you wouldn’t be wondering if he does or not.

Before you go running back to him…
Realize it isn’t your job to chase people.
Or run in tireless circles.

You deserve so much more than someone who makes you feel like love is hard.
Because love isn’t hard. Loving the wrong person is.

Before you go running back to him…
Remember why you left in the first place.

You were tired of it.
Tired of getting hurt, let down, and disappointed.
There was a brief moment you realized you deserve more than this.
And you walked away.
And I know how hard that was for you.
I know you might have looked back a few times.
Hoping he’d tell you don’t go, but he didn’t.

And now you’re sitting here missing him.
But you aren’t missing him really…
You’re missing the idea of who you want him to be.

Wondering if you should answer his text.
Wondering if you should text him first.
Wondering if this time it will be different.

It’s not going to be.
Maybe it’ll be different at least in the beginning.
Maybe that time and space apart you think made him realize.
Made him learn.
Made him see your value.

But all you are to guys like him are some habit.
Someone they can test.
Someone who challenges them every time you leave.
But he’s the one who has the upper hand when you come back.

Knowing he could have you if he wants you.
But he never wants you enough to commit or be what you need.

Before you go back to him, take a moment and think about how much time and energy you invested into this relationship. Then think about how much he hasn’t.

The right relationship isn’t going to be this hard.
And I know you think you want to be with him.
But you deserve so much better.
And when you finally let him go for good, that’s when you’ll get it.