Open Topic

Haunted Memories.

The text you don’t get in the morning.

The notification you no longer see.

The snapchats that aren’t from them.

In fact, they already removed you.

Not knowing about their day.

Or anything in their life at all.

That article of clothing or gift dusts in the corner.

The pictures no longer make you smile.

The moment they remove themselves from it.

Like you never existed at all.

It’s being unfriended.


The left you used to take, driving to see them. 

In pains you to go the other way.

The loneliness that haunts you.

As you wonder do they miss me too?

It’s tossing and turning late at night.

It’s just not being hungry.

It’s the empty feeling without them.

And someone you used to be so certain of.

Suddenly looks like a lie.

It’s the pain in someone asking how they are?

And you have to tell them you’re not together.

It’s laying there at night wondering who is holding them.

It’s the dreams that turn into nightmares. 

Like they are everywhere and there is no way to escape them.

It’s running into them and just not knowing what to do.

It’s looking at some stranger.

But you know every one of their secrets.

You know how they like to be kissed. 

You know how they like to be held.

You know exactly what to say to calm them down.

Here you are with an abundance of information.

You don’t know what to do with.

Then you try and move on.

But in everyone you look at, you search for them.

As if finding them would lead you to find yourself again.

Because when they left, they took all of you with them.

But everyone falls short.

Everyone leaves you a little more empty.

Because when they are the one person who can make you feel better.

Is the one who has made you fall apart.

How do you even save yourself?

How do you find yourself again?


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